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Latest Information on Casino Slots

The prestigious Europa Casino has announced the start of an exciting incentive program. In an effort to shake up the internet casino industry, new players who create an account and place an initial deposit at Europa Casino will receive a free $10 bonus by using the code ECFREETEN. In addition to the site’s conventional 100 percent bonus on initial deposits up to $100, the $10 bonus allows players to start playing with a bigger bankroll right away.

The star attraction at Europa Casino is the range of options for online slot machine games. Europa has one of the widest selection of online slot machines in the world. The site features games ranging from the antique-style three-reel games, with their well-known images of fruits, bars and bells, as well as the modern five-reel, multi-payline games. The newer games include characters from famous films, classic television shows and Marvel superhero comic books, along with bonus games that offer players more opportunities to win big cash and prizes.

Europa Casino puts up several high-end slot machine jackpots for their prized players. The progressive slot machines retain a fraction of each bet made and add it into the prize pool. The prize pool grows quickly from bets made on dozens of games and by thousands of players. A maximum bet can qualify a player to win millions in life-changing money with one lucky spin of the reels!

However, the only way to take home these dramatic profits is to open an account. When you sign up for Europa Casino, use the “first deposit” bonus code for a free $10 and start playing today!

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