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Getting Started with Online Slots

Fans of online casino games know that’s selection of the latest slots games is one of the best on the internet. With so many styles of this game to choose from, new players can sometimes have a hard time choosing what style they want to play on. Obviously the best way to decide which style you prefer is by trying them out for yourself, but this article will help you understand the basic options available to you as its budding player.


Most websites that specialize in online casino games will offer a range of slots variants, so it’s important to know what the difference between these games are. The first thing you’ll probably want to look out for is whether a game is 3-reel or 5-reel. The 3-reel variant is what most people are probably familiar with, as they are based on common match-three or one arm bandit machines. 5-reel casino slot machines, having two extra reels that you have to match, have a greater amount of possible combinations which allows casinos to offer much higher jackpots. The decision between these two styles of free online slots is clear: the 3-reel games are the standard, whereas the 5-reel offers a greater reward in exchange for a touch more luck.


When you’ve decided whether you’re more interested in 3-reel or 5-reel play (and most of the best casino sites will offer players the choice between both styles) then it’s time to choose which particular machine you want to use – and the smaller differences here are mostly down to personal preference. The types of games available will obviously vary greatly from site to site, so it’s worth doing some reading around on the differences between games.


Most sites will offer a basic slot machine game with few frills that is aimed at players who are most interested in how many spins they will have in one play session. These sorts of games will typically only feature one payline and are a straightforward game inspired by classic slot variants. Technological advancements in physical slot machines have of course added a great deal of different components to these games and some of the appeal of websites that offer free online casino slot games is that they are able to deliver a wide range of these different types of this game to players in one place.


One major variation is the number of paylines that a game might have – stretching for three or five in a reel-based machine but spanning up to a hundred in video slot games. These paylines – the lines of symbols that players must match to win – are simple horizontal lines in most basic slot games, but in a game with 100 payline variations there are clearly many more ways to line up a winning spin. In addition to this, some machines offer bonus games or a progressive jackpot that carries over from spin to spin, opinion of which varies from player to player, so it can be worth trying out some of these more complex types of game to see whether it suits you.


It’s also worth having a look at some of the excellent resources on how to play well and get the best return on your investment available to you on online casino blogs. After that, the first step towards getting started playing this fun game online is choosing the best casino website for you.


Whilst some casinos like to offer bonuses and the like to tempt players in, it’s important to consider the range of games available to you at different casino websites. If you want the best free slot machines online you’re going to want to check out the biggest names in this industry. Websites that offer slot reviews are constantly being updated, and you can follow announcements of the latest games to be added to this ever-growing selection. Whatever sort of slots you end up playing, good luck!

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